Second Hand Products

    • Steel Belt Sintering Oven System

      General Description.
      This is a steel belt sintering oven system. The main component of this system is a stainless steel belt.
      The steel belt has a cross sectional size of 650mm wide x 1mm thick, which is tensioned, driven, and track by terminals at each end of the conveyor system. The speed of the belt can be varied by a variable speed drive unit range up to 2m/min.
      The raw material product is fed onto the steel belt at the feed terminal, thro a separately adjustable driven stainless steel feed roller, with a transducer at each end to monitor and set the product thickness.
      The product is then carried into a 2.4m section, consisting of three heating zones. The top section of the oven will hinge open with the use of air cylinders, to allow access to the belt and oven internals, and the bottom section is fixed. Both heating section temperatures are PID controlled via thyristors. A heating profile is achieved by black bar elements, temperature range of 400*C is max.
      Leaving the heating zones section, the product passes through a 300mm long neutral zone, which contains a stainless steel water cooled gauging roller with its own variable speed drive unit and transducer units for monitoring and setting of the product thickness.
      The belt then passes into the cooling section, which is divided into two 1m long zones, driven by air circulating fans enabling both top and bottom of the belt to be air cooled. Water cooling via a heat exchangers is also another option fitted. The product finally leaves the cooling section and travels towards the take-off plate.

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